Grundy County Mayoral and Sheriff Candidate Debates Part 5 – GCTV 6 Facebook Postings

I have been doing a little investigating—which I should have done earlier. I am not a regular Facebook user and quite frankly am not comfortable using Facebook, so it is not my first source of information. That is just a personal thing—keeps me in the “dinosaur class!”

The following message (and comments) were posted on the GCTV 6 Facebook page on July 11, the day before the Mayoral and Sheriff debates.

GCTV 6 – For clarification regarding tomorrow’s debate. The sheriff candidates were notified on June 6th by registered mail. Russell Baker accepted on June 10th via email. Clint Shrum declined via phone on June 13th. The County Mayor candidates were notified by phone. Aubrey Lee Harper was called on June 18th & he accepted during the phone call. Michael Brady was contacted by phone on June 19th & he said he would think about doing the debate. He has yet to accept or decline. The debate is scheduled for 3pm Saturday at Grundy County High School please join us. (Posted July 12)

I would have liked for the debate organizers to have simply read this statement at the beginning of the debate. It would have answered some questions.

There were two comments following the above GCTV 6 posting. I have included them here for completeness. Note, I did not see the commercial to which the writer refers.

Post by GCTV 6: All the commercial said is that the candidates were invited. What would have been unfair is showing a picture of a candidate & not showing another candidate running for that office. This debate was something GCTV along with the Cumberland view got together & thought would be a great way to help inform voters before casting their ballots. If a candidate decides to show up after first declining the invitation it’s GCTV opinion that the candidate be allowed to participate. If a candidate chooses not to participate that is their choice. GCTV has been very fair ask any candidate that has been in for an interview with us. I’m not sure how you set up a debate? The candidates running for each individual office will all be asked the same questions. (Posted July 11)

From Altamont Residents: I am glad that you have offered clarification on this matter although I do have a few questions. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to make sure that you had participation from all candidates before announcing/advertising a debate especially since the pictures I have seen had photos of the candidates who could possibly be a no show tomorrow? Seems to me as a news agency you failed by making an announcement that was somewhat false before you had all participants named on board. Having said this it make the claims of Clint Shrum seems much more valid that this was a set up. But that’s just my opinion. (Posted July 11)

I did see a 20-minute interview with Clint Shrum yesterday (Tuesday, July 15) on CGTV 6. I will post something on that later today.

My Thoughts: Up to this point, my thoughts are summarized in Part 4, posted on Monday (July 14).

A Word to Readers

Writer’s Note: These items on the Mayoral and Sheriff candidates are written for my blog.
These blogs are my writing and based on my observations and opinions derived therefrom. I am a relative newcomer to Grundy county (set up home in 2007, retired and moved here full time in 2012). I am, however, seriously concerned about the future of Grundy county. I plan to make this my home for the rest of my life and care about local issues as if I had lived here all my life.

I repeat this is a blog, not a public news service. Although I try to be objective in my writing, and also try to make clear what I thinks is fact and what is my opinion. I am not in any way obligated to give candidates “equal time” in my coverage. However, in response to a sense of fairness, I have tried to document what I have been able to observe for all candidates, and really wish we had seen all four candidates in the debates.

Readers are urged to do their own due diligence into selecting the individual whom they feel best meets the needs of the County. I due urge you to review my Part 4, not for my opinions, but for what I think we should be looking for in our candidates. You may also find the following article useful: An Open Message to Political Conservatives (and Liberals too)

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