The Fellowship of Suffering – Aftermath

Who knows what I was talking about at this point, or if I was making any sense at all :-)

Who knows what I was talking about at this point, or if I was making any sense at all 🙂

I decline an offer to wear the tiara, but I accept the cold beverage. Carl brings my car up to the top so I can get my sleeping bag out. Richard finishes, and then Frank, and we sit for a while with Laz and Carl. I’m cold, but eventually I’ll try to sleep, with limited success. I’ll have to move my cot a couple of times, and will eventually believe that my car key has fallen into the grass, but Carl will find it right where I’ve left it, in a plastic bag with some spending money for safe keeping. I am there to see Sal finish, and then I head to the motel.

I shower, sleep some, then head back out to the rock. John Sands is talking with Laz and Carl. It is a great couple of hours, until the wind picks up and the temps drop. We get to see Jeff McGonnell finish and we know that Ed, Marcia and Tim are making their way up the mountain, but I am ready to get back to the room and sleep some more. I give all three a hearty wave and honk as I meet them on the way down Sand Mountain. Marcia smiles.

Richard Westbrook, Frank Dahl and Brad (center) at the finish line

Richard Westbrook, Frank Dahl and Brad (center) at the finish line

At the room, I start scanning TV channels. I can’t handle the news channels, and the religious channels aren’t doing it for me, nor are the merchandise channels. I come across a view of the McD’s, Krystal, and convenience store just down from the motel, with a radio station playing in the background. Perfect! (I even see a runner making his way through to the McD’s on the screen!!)


Stu was right:
In many ways, despite the blistering and the heat, it was easier this year
There were no demons, and there was very little temptation to quit
Tt was more of a get-together than a race, though I did entertain hopes for doing better than I did
It was the people I met along the way that got me through this, from
– Abi and her advice about my stomach
– Marcia and John Sands and their knowledge about treating blisters
– the generosity of Marcio, Dan and Rita in Dresden
– the road angels and wonderrful people along the way
– the runners I met in passing, and those I had conversations with via Facebook or texting
– to Laz, Carl and Jan whom
I seldom saw or talked to, but who were there if I needed them
– to Laura and my children, whose texts and phone conversations kept me headed towards the rock
– and Stu himself, the one who gave me the insights I needed to get through this.
(I just wish I’d paid more careful attention to that blister part.)

July 10 – 16, 2014


The Fellowship of Suffering – Aftermath Brad is torn between hanging around to congratulate other who finish and getting some sleep. And when he decides on sleep, it does not come easily.


The Fellowship of Suffering – Aftermath Brad tries to rest after finishing the race. To see more photos of the race and people in the race, go to

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