Upcoming Travel Events

One of the purposes of this blog space is to post travel and destination articles. With the closing of the store progressing on schedule, we have planned several camping and other trips through the end of the year. Expect to see one or more articles from each of the following trips.

Subjects to anticipate:

Most of the following will be in the Renaissance Musings Bucket List category. Here is a summary of what is planned.

West Virginia – July 31 – August 4

Note, this trip has been completed. It was a most successful trip and four separate blog topics have been posted from this trip. Check the Table of Contents. The motivation for this trip is an annual family reunion with folks on my mother’s side of the ledger—ledger because with my mother’s eight brothers and sisters and, as I count, 30 first cousins, and who knows how many second cousins, it would take an accountant to balance the family tree. One wrinkle, this is an “annual” reunion, but I have not attended on more than 20 years!

the Riverside RV Retro 177 White Water waiting patiently for a busy late summer and fall.

the Riverside RV Retro 177 White Water waiting patiently for a busy late summer and fall.

We will take the Riverside RV Whitewater Retro 177 camper (we have named it the “Bluebird”) to a campground in Monongahela National Forest to set up our base camp. In addition to the reunion, we have scheduled one, maybe two different rides on restored logging railroads in West Virginia—at Cass and Durbin. Fully charged camera batteries are at the top of my To Do list for this trip!

Georgia, Jekyll Island – September 11 – 15

Note, this trip has been canceled.
This is meet-up event with an estimated 20 others from Peggy’s travel/camping group. There is no special agenda, but I expect to get to explore Jekyll Island and whatever else is there.
Tennessee, Cedars of Lebanon Campground – September 18 – 21
Again, this is just a meet-up with a group of camping friends and an opportunity for me to explore another Tennessee campground and state park.

Michigan, Greenfield/Ford Museum – October 6 – 12

This is a guy event. My friend John (I’ll introduce him in a separate blog) and I are taking the “Bluebird” north. We anticipate stopping near Wright-Patterson AFB northbound from Tennessee to visit the US Air Force Museum. Then we will go north, staying at a campground in Monroe Michigan. From there we will launch forays into Greenfield Village and the Ford Museum. There should be lots to write about from there. Our schedule is a flexible and we may find other places to explore.

Georgia, Stone Mountain – October 22 – 26

This is an official Sisters on the Fly gathering at the annual Country Living Fair. Also, this is a no-men event. This will be Peggy’s first solo outing with the “Bluebird.” This is a big event for the sisters with approximately 80 attending from all over the country.

Florida, Pensacola – November 4 -10

This is a purposeful meet-up with more of Peggy’s camping group. Part of the trip involves a local air show with the US Navy Blue Angels. There is also a naval aviation museum in the area that I hope to visit.
Finally, there is some debate on the last event of the year.

Virginia, Williamsburg – November 28 – December 5 (the original plan)

Williamsburg, near where I grew up (and have written about here) has become a regular destination at Thanksgiving. Many of my high school class mates still live in the area and it becomes a mini reunion. Also, on this trip, I anticipate going out to The Colonies, the development that is located on the “farm in Virginia” on which I grew up, and meet some of the folks and maybe share a little of the history of the farm as I know it. This would not be a camping trip. We have a timeshare in the Williamsburg area that we will use.

There is some talk of another meet-up type event that sort of conflicts. Details are not immediately clear to me. Stay tuned.

If any of you know of anything truly unique and interesting that is within touring distance of any of these planned trips, let me know. We are always looking for something different.

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2 Responses to Upcoming Travel Events

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  2. Brad says:

    I’m looking forward to camping vicariously through you, and learning more about places to camp should the day arrive when Laura and I can get away for similar adventures.

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