End of Year Report – Renaissance Musings


Happy New Year for 2015.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to review my posts. I look forward to continuing in 2015.

Looking Forward to a new day and a New Year!

Looking Forward to a new day and a New Year!

End of Year Report

This blog was launched in January 2014. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing—and do not know much more now, so I am not really sure what the end of year statistics tell me. If anyone has any insight into what the following numbers indicate, please let me know. Here is what I see:

First, I have done little to actually promote my blog site. The first thing I had to prove to myself was that I could produce content for the blog on a regular and continuing basis. As of December 31, 2014, 112 articles have been posted. That is below my initial goal of an average of three posts per week, but exceeds my absolute goal of a minimum of 100 posts.

Although I am personally pleased with the content—topics and writing—of the articles, my 2015 goal is to stick to my goal of no more than 1,000 words per post. A number of my posts have been much longer than that, and although well received (based on number of views), I know this is too long for my busy readers.

Still, typically, my goal is to tell some kind of story that informs or entertains (or both).

I have also been surprised by the most viewed articles versus articles that generated the most comments. Here is some basic data.

Some Numbers
Total Posts: 112
Total number of views: 8,368
Top 10 Articles based on Number of Views
1. Home Page/About/Archives/Contents (Posts are Continuous Updates) (1,863)
2. Camper Report – Riverside RV Retro 177 “White Water” (Posted May 7) (1,236)*
3. A Trip Back to Hog Jaw Valley – Part 2 (Posted June 20) (831)
4. Grundy County Mayoral and Sheriff Candidate Debates – Parts 1 and 2 (Posted July 14) (425)
5. Camper Report – Riverside Retro 177 “White Water” – Update (Posted August 18) (289)*
6. Riverside RV – Craftsmanship and Customer Awareness in Action (Posted October 19) (257)*
7. The Honeycomb Campground Solution (Posted July 11) (228)
8. Grundy County Mayoral and Sheriff Candidate Debates – Part 4 My Impressions (Posted July 15) (203)
9. River Café, Normandy TN – Comfort Food Well Done (Posted July 11) 173)
10. Fort Pickens, Florida Camping Experience (Posted November 21) (119)
* Combined, Riverside RV Camper articles scored a total of 1,782 views.

Most viewed Category: Renaissance Bucket List that is the group for travel and travel related articles.

Notes on View Numbers

The number of views per article has increased for posts later in the year. I attribute this to two factors—for the first six months (when in my opinion I produced some of the best articles) very few people were aware of my blog and, several later posts have penetrated specific interest groups. We belong to a travel camping group with an avid interest in all things camping, especially recreational vehicles.


Personally, since I had no idea of what to expect, how to do what I am doing, and made no effort to promote Renaissance Musing, I grade my first year blogging as a success based on having no real goals or expectations. However, based on the experience of 2014, I am posting goals for 2015.

Goals for this 2015:
1. Increase readership (“views”) by a factor of 10 (80,000)
2. Increase followers by a factor of 10 (1,200)
3. Continue diverse categories
4. Post a minimum of three articles per week
5. Increase comments and likes.
6. Write a Book in the Writing Workshop category
7. Revise and repost some of my personal favorite articles.
8. Have fun.

And while I write and post an article about blogging, I will NOT presume to think that I am in a position to advise or critique other bloggers. There are many blogs out there that do not hold my interest—but I suspect there are blog readers out there that would say the same about my articles. I work to make my postings reader friendly—accurate, written clearly, succinct, but with some exposition to provide a picture of the subject. I have tended to run long.

Also, I place myself in the category of Luddite or geezer. After a several academic degrees and a 30-plus year career of research and writing, I have heard most of the “quotes for the day” and I still do not “get” haiku. That is just me. No apologies.

About My Categories

I Grew Up on a Farm in Virginia – This captures stories of my early years, from the age of earliest memories through college, while my home was on a farm in Virginia. These articles are written form my daughters as much as anyone, but I have told many of these stories over the years to many people, and have posted them in this category.

Renaissance Bucket List – This category relates experiences related to travel, destinations, and events that seemed like a good idea at the time (and afterwards too). Some items are long-term goals while others are pop-up opportunities. This is where you will find travel related topics, including camping articles.

Restaurant Experiences – This will be reviews and reports on restaurants that we find article worthy. Some current postings will have to be re-categorized.

There I Was… – I spent many year flying: in the Air Force, for a regional airline, as a flight instructor, and just flying on my own. I also built and flew my own aircraft. Those stories are here.

Viewpoint from Pelham – Originally established as the category for articles relating to political or social issues, it has become a catch-all category for anything that does not fit into other categories, such as this Year End Review of the blog.

Renaissance Musings Writing Workshop hopefully will become active in 2015 with chapters of the book I am working on. I will be soliciting critiques, comments, reviews, etc., as I progress.
Harry and Ollie’s is now Inactive.

About/Contents Entries:
End of Year Report lists the top 10 blogs, an explanation of Renaissance Musings categories, and blog goals for 2015.

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3 Responses to End of Year Report – Renaissance Musings

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  2. Ginger Smither says:

    Jeff,next to Peggy, I am probably your biggest fan. I have enjoyed all your blogs. I have learned many wonderful things about you and Peggy and your insights into views have been most interesting to me. Miller and I wish you and Peggy a very happy new year and we look forward to some good times with good folks….You and Peggy.

  3. merlinjr01 says:

    Ginger, Thank you so much. I assure you the sentiment is shared and Peggy and I are looking forward to more good times (and good oysters!). Wishing you and Miller the very best for the coming New Year. Jeff

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