Flat-Bottomed Skiff

Photo of the Week – January 7, 2015

Wooden Boat (Flat-Bottomed Skiff), Yorktown Virginia (December 2014)

Replica Daguerreotype Image of Flat-Bottomed Skiff, Yorktown, Virginia (2014)

Replica Daguerreotype Image of Flat-Bottomed Skiff, Yorktown, Virginia (2014)

This past December, on our annual trip to eastern Virginia, we spent several hours walking around the new (to me) business district in Yorktown. The area is located on the water, and under the York River Bridge to Gloucester Point. As you enter the town, there is the Waterman’s Museum. Behind the museum, in a grassy section of beach, is this deteriorating flat-bottom skiff.

The photo was taken as a full color digital image and converted to a black and white image using Corel PaintShop Pro X4, and “aged” using the program’s Time Machine feature to create a Daguerreotype image. The Daguerreotype image, common in the late 1800s, was captured directly onto a sheet of silver-plated copper. There was no negative, and prints or copies could not be made. Each image was unique.

Photo ©2014 Jeff Richmond

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Photo of the Week – January 7, 2015, Flat Bottomed Skiff, Yorktown Virginia (December 2014)

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3 Responses to Flat-Bottomed Skiff

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  2. maxgor says:

    Hello Jeff. I think it is a great example of well spotted subject. Composition is wisely chosen and adds a lot to the depth of this shot. Mono treatment works well on this subject, great tones and lighting. If I was you, I probably would try making contrast more subtle and giving more highlight to the skiff.

    • merlinjr01 says:

      Maxgor, Thank you, appreciate the feedback. I suspect you are right–I tend to go for higher contrasts, but that is not always the most flattering balance.

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