Cat Watching Groundhogs

Photo of the Week – January 14, 2015
Summer 2014

Our cat watching the groundhog family under the smokehouse from the kitchen window.

Our cat watching the groundhog family under the smokehouse from the kitchen window.

In the summer of 2012, we began to see a groundhog hanging around the smokehouse, directly behind the kitchen window. It soon became apparent that he (?) had a den under the smokehouse. Since he was: not really doing any harm, not destroying anyone’s garden, fun to watch etc., we decided to allow him to live there.

But, of course, a groundhog is not going to be content living alone indefinitely, and in 2013 we began to see a second, slightly smaller groundhog. Finally, this past summer there were a total of four, two adults and two juveniles.

All of this time, our cat, Mitzi, would spend time watching the groundhogs with great interest. Apparently, the groundhogs cannot see through the windows.

I am going to have to fill in the entrances to the den soon. I am afraid that the corner of the shed is going to collapse into the hole. I will leave their “back door” behind the shed, open.

Photograph © 2014 Jeff Richmond

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3 Responses to Cat Watching Groundhogs

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  2. lauramacky says:

    LOL…I love it when cats are focused on other animals.

  3. merlinjr01 says:

    Thank you for the comment. The cat actually likes watching squirrels more–the are more active and move around more The groundhogs were a novelty for her at first, but do not hold her attention as much any more.

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