I have lived longer than my father and will probably live longer than my mother. Why?They were both healthy people, and lived healthy lifestyles–except that they both smoked. My father quit, but only after twenty years of heavy smoking, but the damage had already been done. My mother never did quit. She lived to 78. Is that long enough, so smoking was okay? I don’t think so.

In college, I majored in biology .Our biology department was focused on developing pre-med students, and that created many opportunities. For example, although I did not witness the autopsy, I saw a freshly removed set of lungs from a heavy smoker–they looked just like the ones in the photo with this article. That may have influenced my interest–or lack there of–in smoking.



There are times in which I wonder, why would anyone want to jeopardize their life by smoking? Look at the picture that I’ve attached above. LOOK at the difference. WHY do you want to ruin a perfectly good, healthy lungs? Don’t you value your life? If you don’t think about your loved ones.

Have you ever wondered why people smoke? Here’s the reason why.

Typically, smokers began smoking in their teen years and get will get addicted once they start to smoke. Smokers can be classified into two categories, namely teenagers and adults.

It was found that teenagers and adults tend to smoke for different reason.

TEENAGERS (why they choose to smoke)

1) Look mature

– They have the misconception that smoking makes them look mature. You don’t look mature but silly for deciding to put your health at risk.!

2) Peer pressure

– It is common that teenagers feel…

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