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There (I Wish) I was…The Transition® Flying Car

The vision of a flying car that could be parked at home, driven to the airport, converted to an airplane and flown has existed since both cars and airplanes were invented. The first example dates back to 1917 when Glenn … Continue reading

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Flat-Bottomed Skiff

Photo of the Week – January 7, 2015 Wooden Boat (Flat-Bottomed Skiff), Yorktown Virginia (December 2014) This past December, on our annual trip to eastern Virginia, we spent several hours walking around the new (to me) business district in Yorktown. … Continue reading

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Maternal Instincts – Continued (and a Word about Shepherds)

I certainly did not set up this blog to write about sheep behavior, but I cannot help making observations—and taking note of those observations. For example, this morning…. The sheep, a flock now of about 20 after six new lambs … Continue reading

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There I was…The Day I Boomed Muleshoe, Texas

Watching the Blue Angles last year reminded me of another incident that occurred during USAF flight training. Midway through our T-38 training, we were introduced to formation flying beginning with two-ship formations and then four-ship groups (sometimes they were actual … Continue reading

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Mother Nature and the Maternal Instinct

I never cease to be in awe of Mother Nature. About four years ago, Mr. H purchased the 8-acre parcel of land next door to us, fenced it, and put four or five sheep out to graze. Since then, his … Continue reading

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Four Roses for Mrs. Roberts; Memories For Me

Digging through old school photos recently, I came across a photo that had more meaning and emotion than I would have imagined. The photo was taken in December 1961, during our junior class home room Christmas party. The lady in … Continue reading

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