Why “Renaissance Musings”

Blogging 101 – Day Two

“Today’s Assignment: edit your title and tagline.”

When I began thinking about a blog more than a year ago, the only thing I knew for sure was that the title was going to be “Renaissance Musings.”

Last night—all night!—I pondered (not often do I truly “ponder”) what the blog title would be otherwise. I should not have done that.

Writing is a linear activity—one word after the other—leading the writer and the reader down a path of successive word-driven images. Pure thought is more free-form, as if looking at a painting. Last night I was sucked into a van Gogh-like maelstrom of “if not Renaissance Musings, then what?” questions. Is my title too pretentious, too vague, too non-specific? Could I find something that was more descriptive like “Thoughts on a Bunch of Different Stuff”?

Then I went back to my initial reasoning. I am indeed more than casually interested in many subjects and activities. Although I am no Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, nor da Vinci, I can draw clear parallels in my diversity of interests when compared to these men. This is not to boast. It may very well be a case of Adult ADD! Many of my more successful (professionally and financially) friends focused on one thing—engineering, law, medicine, aviation, etc., and became recognized experts in their fields and wealthy by my standards.

At about 4:00 a.m., I concluded that “Renaissance Musings” was right for my blog.

Incidentally, I have seen both words, “renaissance” and “musings,” used in blog titles, but I have not seen, nor can I find via Google another “Renaissance Musings” in the blogosphere. (There are similar titles in other venues on the Internet.)

The other aspect of keeping the current title is that the blog is gaining some momentum. While not explosive, visits, views, and followers are increasing at an increasing rate. So, though only on the scene for a year, some degree of “brand identity” is taking root. So, I conclude, “I would rather fight than switch.” (Extra points if you remember what product used that phrase in its advertising.)

The tagline “Thoughts on an array of vastly interesting topics!” is supposed to play off of the diversity of topics as suggested by the concept of a “renaissance” persona.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

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14 Responses to Why “Renaissance Musings”

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  2. gpcox says:

    I liked the title the moment I saw it, it tells you pretty much what you can expect when you click on.

  3. merlinjr01 says:

    Hey, thank you. I really appreciate your thought.

  4. Donna says:

    I like it. I took blogging 101 in feb. but needed a re-do and struggled with this and ended up back where I had started so Stick with it.

  5. peggyrichmond says:

    But, of course, I like it, keep it.

  6. Cat says:

    Great title

  7. Hazel says:

    I like the title, and I enjoyed reading the reasoning behind it.

  8. johnjgmooney says:

    I dont think anyone needs to justify Blogging. The term “citizen journalist” was first welcomed in the Media as a new form of empowerment but interestingly as the numbers increased, mainstream journalism sought to take over and re-establish their rights.
    In this guise, my two blogs are about Stamp Collecting, Postcards, Coins etc.
    But my main Blog “Keeping An Eye On The Czar of Russia” despite the “tongue in cheek” title is actually quite a serious blog on politics and world events.
    It started…only semi-seriously in August 2011 and I was lucky to get five or six hits in a day. Now on occasions, I get 1,000 hits a day. This is actually a mixed blessing as readership brings responsibility. And it means that to respect the readership, I have to write posts that mean something to them and retain a quirky quality of brand identity.
    It IS possible to be noticed by professionals. My blog got noticed by a History professor who minvited me to lecture to her post grad students It was my first..so far …trip to USA (aged 60).
    So all things are possible.
    But perhaps the one thing I have learned. Blogs are not just about the Author. The Readership is very important.
    Best wishes from Ireland.

    • merlinjr01 says:


      Thank your for your comment. Oh, I had qualms about blogging, but I am only a year into it and took an online blogging “class” and that was one of my “assignments.” It was helpful, I think, as an examination in what motivates me.

      I am going to make a point of going through your blog, especially the political, because, that is where I really want to be. The rest is fluff and fun.

      Again, I very much appreciate your comments.


      • johnjgmooney says:

        I urge you not to be offended by anything on my Blog. Necessarily much of the stuff I write about is localised but as a European, our politics is different.
        But I think that I stumbled into serious blogging as a response to being taken seriously.
        Finding a “unique selling point” is key. I present myself as an old fogey which my keen readers know is a persona. And mixing the serious with the eccentric is part of it.

  9. merlinjr01 says:

    I continue to look forward to spending some time in your blog. Fear not. Not easily offended.

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