Fox Photo Bomb in the Snow

Taken: February 2015

Red Fox "photo bombs" my winter photos.

Red Fox “photo bombs” my winter photos.

Sometimes, you just get lucky. I was taking photos right after we had snow in Tennessee. I was just trying to capture the snow on the trees and the feeling of the fresh snowfall. I shot several photos of the side of the property. This time of year, with leaves off of the trees, I can see the road along our property and the neighbor’s yard across the road clearly.

After I had taken several photos—record shots to document the snow, I put the camera down. It was then that I saw the fox. He was trotting down the road and then crossed up into my neighbor’s yard and disappeared through a fence and into the woods across the road. He was heavily blocked by tree branches and was quickly out of sight before I could focus and get a shot of him. It was a neat experience to see his red coat against the white snow, and I was disappointed that I had not gotten a photo.

It was not until I was reviewing the photos later that day that I realized that the fox had “bombed” one of my photos before I had seen him. I have enlarged and cropped the photo to enhance the fox. The photo certainly is not show quality, but I like it.

Photographs © 2015 Jeff Richmond

Red fox “phoho bombs” one of my snow pictures.

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7 Responses to Fox Photo Bomb in the Snow

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  2. … beautiful picture!

    • merlinjr01 says:

      Thank you. The comment showed up as the html rather than the image. Puzzled me for a minute. Did not appear until it was “approved.” I see something new here almost every day!

      • Mom says:

        That’s exciting and encouraging to me…the old and un-techy one! That I’m more advanced than I had ever dreamed I’d be!
        I hope you can enter that photo into a contest, it’s like a story in itself. Beautiful, and yes, I ❤ it! 🙂 —threw in a smiley just in case

  3. PositivelyUnbroken says:

    Best photo bomb ever!

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