Flowing Mill Stream – Stone Mountain, Georgia

Photo of the Week – March 18, 2015

Mill Stream, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Mill Stream, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Taken: October 2012

There is a waterwheel-driven grist mill at Stone Mountain, Georgia. This stream flows toward the mill in a very picturesque setting. The first photo taken (below) essentially provided “stop-action” and “froze” the flowing water using the normal camera settings. I shifted to manual and slowed the shutter speed. Experimenting, I tried several different shutter speeds between one-quarter and one second. I did not have a tripod, but braced the camera on the edge of a convenient bench to prevent camera movement, and captured the flow of water. With just a little practice, this is an effective technique to blur movement, yet keep the background sharp.

Mill Stream-s

Photographs © 2014 Jeff Richmond

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The Photograph of the Week is a “Flowing Mill Stream – Stone Mountain, Georgia/strong>.”

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5 Responses to Flowing Mill Stream – Stone Mountain, Georgia

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  2. Thank you for that explanation Jeff, I’ll try something similar myself now. Interesting pictures – the stop motion provides an impressionistic quality.

  3. merlinjr01 says:

    Hope it was clear. The key is to take the time and explore your camera’s capabilities–and with digital photography, we don’t have to worry about the cost of film and processing for experimenting. I am constantly amused by the folks that go to an attraction, stop, take one shot, and move on, saying, “Yeah, I got it.” Meanwhile, I have taken at least a dozen or more shots looking for just the right angle and composition. But as I explain to my classes, that is the difference between being a tourist and a photographer!

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