A Photo a Week Challenge: Dead Center

The one thing I did not like about this photo was the fact that I hit it dead center! I prefer an aircraft flying into the image space, from one of the rule-of-thirds references.

s15-FA-18Transonic Dead Center

This was taken at the Atlantic City Air Show (2010). I was panning rapidly to capture something close to a clear image. Got lucky and captured the change in air density of the airflow around the aircraft as it approached the speed of sound–transonic flight. The shock wave is just beginning to form around the tail of the aircraft. I have seen much more dramatic such photos, but this is the one I got!

Photo a Week Challenge:Dead Center

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In response to a Photo Challenge a Week: Dead Center, a photo of an F/A-18 in transonic flight.

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5 Responses to A Photo a Week Challenge: Dead Center

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  2. I think this one if very dramatic. Wonderful. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  3. That is one awesome picture !

  4. axelan says:

    I really like these transonic flight pictures and envy your catching one!

  5. merlinjr01 says:

    Hey thanks for the comment. Some days I get lucky!

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