100+ – Batsto Mansion

March 30, 2015

Batsto Mansion (c. 1800), Historic Batsto Village, New Jersey

Batsto Mansion (c. 1800), Historic Batsto Village, New Jersey

Batsto Village dates back to 1766. It was established to smelt the bog iron ore found in the Batsto river basin. The village supplied iron munitions—cannons and cannon balls—for the Continental Army during the Revolution. The village’s fortunes rose and fell over the centuries

The original structure of the Batsto Mansion dates to the early 1800s, possibly earlier. It was renovated, improved, and expanded in the late 1800s by Joseph Wharton (of Wharton School of Business fame), a financier and self-made millionaire who purchased Batsto Village. The very top of the mansion is a fire watch tower so that Wharton could watch over the 96,000 acres of Pine Barrens he owned.

In 1954, the property was purchased and preserved by the State of New Jersey and today is the Batsto Village historical site.

Posted in response to Sunday Still’s 100+.

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