“Anhinga Tree”

Photo of the Week – April 15, 2015

Anhinga Tree

Anhinga Tree

The Anhinga, or Snake-Necked Bird, is common in the waters off the southeast, especially Florida. In the water, they swim with their bodies under water with only the neck and head above water—similar to cormorants. They are excellent divers and can remain submerged for a minute or more while they search for fish. Unlike ducks, they do not have oil glands to help keep their feathers dry. They are often seen perched in trees, or on piers and posts with their wings spread to allow them to dry.

Can you find all six birds perched in this cypress tree. Taken on a Florida Airboat tour.

Photograph © 2011 Jeff Richmond

Photo of the Week, the “Anhinga Tree” or a cypress tree with several Anhingas watchfully roosting above a Florida lake.

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