The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I would like to express my genuine thanks to robbinsrealm for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, though I have no idea what might have prompted this recognition. This is a totally new experience for me, and, having followed robbinsrealm for some time now, I am certainly honored. (If there are guidelines or criteria by which the Dragon’s Loyalty Award” is to be given, I would appreciate seeing those guidelines.)

I suggest you stop by and peruse robbinsrealm’s interesting, insightful posts.

I am told the following rules apply when accepting the award:

1. Display the award on your blog. Here it is. I love the art.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you. Done and Done

3. Nominate 15 deserving bloggers for the award. Done

4. Let those bloggers know you have nominated them for the award. (You should get pingbacks from the list.)

5. Write seven things about yourself. (This is the hard part.)

Looking at the list of bloggers “robbinsrealm” nominated, the group seems heavily populated with reviewers of writing, literature, movies, etc. Not sure how Renaissance Musings fits into that group—but as I said, am deeply appreciative of the award and will try to uphold the spirit and honor of this recognition.

There are two significant challenges in the rules for accepting the award. One is to nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. I follow many blogs and selecting fifteen is not a small task. It seems that I should at least write a sentence or two about each of the selected awardees to express why I appreciate their blogs and their apparent willingness to look at my postings. I have followed some of you since I started my blog journey, and some for only a few months, but from each blogger listed, I have gained new and additional appreciations, knowledge, and deeper understandings on many topics. Thank you, all. Whether you accept this award (formally) is of no concern to me. This was simply my opportunity to recognize you all.


Now the most daunting task is saying anything about myself, outside of what may appear in my blogs. I love to write and share ideas, but I am also pretty shy and private when it comes to anything even close to personal, but I will attempt to satisfy this requirement. I am following robbinsrealm’s lead in the topic areas.

The following are seven things about myself:

1. I too, enjoy reading, writing, and photography. Perhaps, most of all, I enjoy getting out, visiting and learning about places, things and times, then capturing some of those insights in photos and words to share here.

2. My astrological sign: Really? Do we have to go into that? Thought that went out with the sixties (the 1960s; which I survived without ever asking “What’s your sign?”).

3. As for films, I cannot say I am looking forward to many—and none that I know of at this time. I am just about over CGI and the “over-the-top” “action” that seems to have taken over the movie industry. Give me a good John Wayne western or musical like the Sound of Music!

4. Alfred Hitchcock and George Lucas are among my favorite movie directors.

5. For reading, I like old-fashioned mysteries and who-done-its. Authors like Clive Cussler, Agatha Christie, John D. McDonald, and Arthur Conan Doyle, define the types of authors I look for. Other than research, I read for the same reason that I go to movies—to be entertained and maybe to be challenged to solve a mystery.

6. If there is one thing that says anything about me, it is that ever since “Old Yeller” I refuse to watch any movie in which a child or an animal is the lead, key or pivotal character. No “Free Willy” for me. I find that the gut-wrenching sensation at choking up and tearing in a movie completely outweighs any entertainment or socially redeeming value of a movie for me. Even with the usual happy ending (not always), the emotion-packed journey destroys any level of entertainment I might have experienced.

7. I am a morning person. I prefer sunrises to sunsets. There is no part of the day so filled with promise as the first hour after sunrise.

Again, I do appreciate robbinsrealm for this award, although after reading this “acceptance,” robbinsrealm may have second thoughts !

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6 Responses to The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for the nomination. 🙂

  2. robbinsrealm says:

    Thank you very much for accepting the award. I enjoyed learning more about you.

  3. Leanne Cole says:

    Congratulations on getting the award and thank you so much for the nomination. I don’t really do awards, but I have added a link to this page on my awards page.

  4. merlinjr01 says:

    I fully understand. I probably would have passed, but it was a good opportunity to acknowledge you and others whose posts I enjoy consistently.

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