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I follow the political scene pretty closely. I consider myself a thoughtful, but clearly right-leaning conservative. It is my opinion that, on our current path, we are going to “tax-and-spend” the United States, as we know it, right out of existence. Listening to the herd of Republican presidential candidates, I have not heard any really inspiring messages or ideas.

That is, until Donald Trump lit up the political arena. I certainly have some reservations about him as President, but I was thinking that at least he was making bold, direct statements about topics that are on peoples’ minds: immigration, foreign relations including foreign economic relations, the budget and national debt, crime, education, etc. For a summary of Trumps positions on many important topics check out Donald Trump Positions and be sure to look at the “full quotes” option for context.

Donald Trump (Source: )

Donald Trump (Source: )

I note that Trump’s position on several issues has changed over the years. To me, this indicates thoughtfulness on those issues. My position on many issues has matured and changed over time.

But, this essay is about Trump’s comments about John McCain. At first, I, like many, was outraged. I was in the service (Air Force) during the Viet Nam war. I have always respected John McCain for his service and what he endured as a prisoner of war. I confess, I have been personally disappointed by his inability to get more done for veterans (I am fine, thank you, and need nothing from the government related to my time in the service, but there are many who do).

As for Trump’s comments, I believe they were ill-advised and unnecessary. It would be okay to impugn a person’s political position, leadership, or political success, but not a good idea to attack the person’s character. The message that I heard was that service members injured in combat were somehow not as sharp as those who were not injured. It did seem disrespectful of our service members in general, and if Trump really wants to be President, he is going to need the respect and support of the military.

Bottom line, a politician can be blunt and straightforward, and still exercise a modicum of tact. And his candidacy was serving a very useful function—he was making people think; not just voters, but also hopefully other politicians.

Up until his McCain comments, Trump was leading the (very) early polls for Republican candidates. Part of that may be his celebrity status, but I really think that voters are ready to hear direct, frank talk about issues, even if we are not sure we agree with Trump. At least he sounds like a departure from the “politics as usual” candidate, which is a pleasant change. Perhaps, just perhaps, from the current pack of Republican candidates will emerge one or two candidates that realize voters are tired of the same old appeasement rhetoric. We have real problems. We need real leadership.

Our government—and since “we the people” make up the Government, that means we—are addicted to the tax-and-borrow-and-spend national economy—and there are going to be withdrawal pains if we are going to survive.

I do believe the nation needs a no-nonsense business-like leader with just enough political savvy to navigate the halls of Congress. I doubt that Trump will even come close to succeeding in his presidential bid, but if he shakes up the political process a little, that would be a good thing.

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11 Responses to Trumped!

  1. Larry Bennett says:

    I didn’t hear anything in the statement Trump made that would discredit him…McCain is an idiot… He has played on his POW status long enough… He hasn’t done anything for our Vets. worthy of repeating. Trump has the guts to make a stand for this Country, he can’t do any worse than Obama. But this is just my opinion, and won’t change anything that has happened. The public will decide and we will be stuck with whoever is voted in as our next Leader. I will vote for Trump if he loses to another GOP candidate I hope it is Scott Walker. And pray to God a democrat is not elected.

    • merlinjr01 says:

      Thank you for your comment. I think you supported my point that Trump is getting people interested, even “riled up” about the political scene.

  2. GP Cox says:

    I don not want to get into a political discussion, especially since we haven’t had the conventions yet, but I must say that the media is just picking and chosing what statements or partial comments of Trump as they see fit and what the commedians

  3. GP Cox says:

    Oops – don’t know how that got sent — to continue —
    what the comedians pick up on for a joke in their monologue. Just like Barry Goldwater going against JFK, everyone agrees with what the man is saying but is afraid to vote that way.

  4. merlinjr01 says:

    The following is an excerpt of a message I received in response to this blog: ….calling McCain a ‘hero’ just because he was shot down and captured. That was just bad luck. However, to denigrate his (reported and presumed) conduct while in captivity is inexcusable. McCain’s conduct and leadership by example among fellow POWs was of the highest order. And it is that conduct that I think warrants considering him a military hero. Whether you like or dislike what he has or has not accomplished in Congress is irrelevant to his POW conduct and the two should not be mixed – or compared.

  5. lauramacky says:

    It’s the desire for someone other than the norm….but that’s how Obama got elected. We have so much hope and desire but are unrealistic when we vote. We meaning the people who voted for the person who got elected. Trump is humorous at best for me. He is pompous and totally ill equipped to be a leader of our country and represent diplomacy on the world stage. I fear we will never have a president who can actually affect change so that everyone will be happy because we are getting to be such a divided society as far as which direction we want to go.

  6. merlinjr01 says:

    Well said Lauramacky. Where you say “I fear” I am trying to hold on to a thread of optimism. I don’t disagree about Trump–just hoping he increases some interest in an otherwise monochrome cast of characters.

  7. Debbi says:

    I agree that Mr. Trump is bringing awareness to the running for President. I’m not fond of his bluntness but then again I’m not fond of how our current President bluntly disregards our Constitution either! Give us hope for a better government and one we can be proud off! Let our servicemen and women be safe!

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