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Tennessee Truck and Barn

Driving around the Middle Tennessee countryside offers many photo opportunities. Over the years I have taken photos of many barns. The older and more worn, the more I like them (as long as they are standing!). We were cruising along on a leisurely drive and passed this barn. As the passenger I immediately requested a U-turn so we could go back for photos.

I took a series of photos from every conceivable angle that included the nose of the old truck.

Tennessee Truck and Barn

Tennessee Truck and Barn

Coincidentally, an almost identical photo appeared in the very next issue of our local electric cooperative’s monthly magazine.

Photographs © 2015 Jeff Richmond

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4 Responses to Silent Partners

  1. Tim Gatewood says:

    As a city boy, I always found visits to my grandparents (who lived in rural Arkansas) to be weird when I was a child. Later, I came to appreciate how much we have lost, how America used to be 80% rural and small town and is now 80% big city and large town. I can’t tell you how many of these old barns I saw as a child (and a younger man when I did some traveling myself), but they always bring a melancholy to me, as I know we are unlikely to return to those simpler times unless some major catastrophe hits us. Thank you for sharing this almost-iconic image.

  2. axelan says:

    My Grandpa lived up on a hill in Huntsville Arkansas in the late 1950’s. There was an old barn on the property with a Model A sticking its nose out the door. I think it was green in color. Funny how such such similar scenes can crop up!

  3. merlinjr01 says:

    It is sort of an iconic rural scene. Thank you for the comment.

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