T-38 Rainbow

Some of my favorite photos were simply “happy accidents.” Still I take credit for them photographically simply because I was out there taking the photos, trying new things, learning.

USAF Thunderbirds' Five-Card Formation (1974, Pease AFB, Portsmouth, NH)

USAF Thunderbirds’ Five-Card Formation (1974, Pease AFB, Portsmouth, NH)

This is the case with the T-38 Rainbow. Taken in 1974 with a Canon SLR with a fixed 50mm lens and a UV filter using Ektachrome transparency film. Apparently the sunlight hit the filter and/or lens at just the right angle, creating a prismatic rainbow flare across the image at the instant that I captured the Thunderbirds five-card formation.

Note: This is the same type of aircraft that is featured in “The Day I Boomed Muleshoe.”

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6 Responses to T-38 Rainbow

  1. axelan says:

    Not only is it a really neat picture, but I’d forgotten the Thunderbirds flew the T-38! Good looking formation of good looking jets with a rainbow to boot!

  2. GP Cox says:

    Wonderful images!! The rainbow gives them an infinite quality, flying through eternity!

  3. Freckles22 says:

    Beautiful. Brings back pleasant memories

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