Photo of the Week – Takeoff Sequence

A Composite

Cutting through the “River of Grass,” the Florida Everglades, on a fast-moving airboat, I recommend you have your camera ready for whatever you may encounter. Moving along at fifteen to twenty miles per hour, we emerged into a small clearing in the grass and startled this Great Blue Heron (image on the right). It immediately crouched and began to spread its wings to get out of our way, and quickly disappeared beyond the tall grass.

A Great Blue Heron startled into a quick takeoff.

A Great Blue Heron startled into a quick takeoff.

I followed the progress of its takeoff, snapping as quickly as I could, capturing this sequence. To make this composite, I first cropped the photos to approximately the same width, and dragged them into PowerPoint, laying the strips out in sequence. Once arranged, I grouped the photos into a single image and saved it as a .JPG. I opened that image in my editing program to crop and square up the total image. A little more post processing with each image could even out the background colors some—maybe on my next edition.

Incidentally, the Great Blue Heron is a voracious predator, feeding on fish, frogs, small mammals, and even small alligators. They can catch and swallow a young alligator up to a foot long.

October, 2015

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