Celebrating the Oyster Urbana Style – Part 2

Saturday, day two of the festival, came in cool and overcast, but the rain held off until noon. The crowd was down from the day before, but the streets were still alive with festival-goers.

While the local oyster harvest is the raison d’etre for the festival, there is much more to see and do—more food, causes, and vendors of many wares. The main streets in the town of Urbana are closed to vehicles and the town becomes one huge street fair. Virginia Street, he “main drag” in Urbana, runs roughly east-west. The east end runs down toward the town waterfront park and marina. The street fair extends more than half a mile to the west.

"Everyone" showed up for the festival.

“Everyone” showed up for the festival.

Friday was the better day weather-wise and the crowds included an assortment of characters, including a man with his three dogs sporting a patriotic combination of red, white, and blue sunglasses, hats, tutus and Old Glories.

Food and t-shirt vendors continued to have steady business until the rains came.

Rappahannock Avenue, a cross street near the west end extends north another several hundred yards with even more booths, displays vendors and performers. Art, clothing, packaged and hot foods, and the ever-present (but poorly attend on this gloomy day) sunglasses vendors lined the avenue.

Despite the dreary conditions. many showed up for the second day.

Despite the dreary conditions. many showed up for the second day.

One interesting display was the model train railroad set up on a trailer designed as a red caboose. Sponsored by a local model railroading club. I was particularly impressed by the small rail car painted with a Boy Scouts of America montage.

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