Smokehouse Door – Experimental No. 1

Photo of the Week – Experimental No.1

Photography is about constantly “improving”—whatever that means, and constantly evolving and most importantly about learning. Over the years I have taken many “experimental” photos of subjects simply because the visual assembly of color, light, texture and pattern, and subject matter intrigued me. Too often, back here at the computer, those experiments seem less impressive than I imagined at the time they were taken.

Occasionally, I will include some of the more appealing (to me) “experiments” here.

Smokehouse Door Hasp and Lock - Experimental

Smokehouse Door Hasp and Lock – Experimental

This is the door hardware to the smoke house in the back yard. The building dates back more than 60 years; built sometime before 1950. The building is actually bright red (see below).

To me there is a difference between taking a photograph of a subject–such as a sunset, structures, reflections, etc.–that is intended to capture a naturally visually appealing image versus taking a photo of something typically less impressive (or unimpressive) to see if it can be interpreted in a manner to make it visually interesting. That is how I define “experimental” in this sense.

Smokehouse Door - The Original Image

Smokehouse Door – The Original Image

There is no accounting for taste in art. I happen to find the image visually interesting. Part of the interest may stem from my personal link to its history.

Is anyone aware of an ongoing photographic challenge that is or might be called “Experimental.”

Your comments on this topic will be greatly appreciated.

November, 2015

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2 Responses to Smokehouse Door – Experimental No. 1

  1. Sometimes I find colour a distraction – as one small example, I don’t notice the track left by constant manipulation of the wooden ‘latch’ on the red picture, but on the monochrome it draws my eye instantly – as does the depth of shadow. I suppose I find grey a sympathetic colour for a smoke house? Red doesn’t seem to betray any evidence of purpose…

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