Dreary Days – Forced Relaxation

Any time I am on vacation, it is rarely about relaxing. The driving force for me is to pick up the camera and “get out and go.” I feel like if I am somewhere new, or only occasionally visited, I need to explore. I cannot be content “relaxing on the beach (or anywhere else) on a ‘beach chair.’”

Except on rainy days.

Yesterday and today have been dull gray, heavily overcast days with persistent rain showers. I have been subjected to more-or-less forced relaxation. I did get out yesterday for a brief walk around the block for photos of the amusement park across the street.
The downside of being “trapped” in the condo is that I was exposed to all of the flaws of our suite—no cold water (yes ‘cold’ water), and half-a-dozen other annoying little glitches. But this post is not to complain about the resort hotel—that will come later.

Our Resort Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Our Resort Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Plans have been made for Christmas eve and Christmas day dinners, and in spite of the rain, we will get out and go for a drive today. Sitting in a room watching mindless television, repetitive news bites, and uninformed talking heads—talking all at the same time—is more than I can stand.

On the positive side, the persistent sound of the surf breaking on the beach made it easy to nap.

Oh, if you have followed my blogs you will know I was pleased yesterday, at least briefly, to be able to watch from the condo balcony, a huge Air Force C-17 transport making practice approaches to Myrtle Beach Airport. It really does not take much to please me!

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III (File Photo)

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III (File photo)

As I mentioned, I did get out briefly, between showers, to take a few photos around the hotel. We are positioned directly between an amusement park (closed for the season) to the west and the beach to the east. I think I have seen several amusement venues in the few days we have been here. There are photos of the amusement park below in the gallery.

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