Lunch at Duffy’s—A Bar Flashback

With a front come-on like the one in the photo, how could we not try it.

How to manage expectations.

How to manage expectations.

It also reminded me of Duffy’s Tavern in North Palm Beach, Florida that boasted “the best burgers and coldest beer in town.” They made good on their boast. Duffy’s in Myrtle Beach did not quite deliver on their boasts. First the burger and wings were really quite good. The service, while not swift, was good since they cooked a real, thick beef patty on the grill the way it should be done—I watched. And the beer was cold.

What is unusual in this photo?

What is unusual in this photo?

Oh, the “flashback.” When is the last time you went into any eatery and people were sitting around smoking cigarettes. It has been years for me. I have never smoked—well I tried but never got the hang of it. I did not see the point in learning to do something that was unpleasant and that no one really cared about. There were two men at the bar smoking. This is a small place, so there was no place to sit to avoid the cigarette smoke. We thought of leaving, but being the hard-headed sort, had our minds set on “Duffy’s” burger. Mercifully, the men finished their smokes and the smoke—though not the lingering odor—finally dissipated. We were able to finish our burger and wings in relative comfort.

The burger was good, but I will not be back. There are enough other good, unique, burger places where folks don’t smoke!

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5 Responses to Lunch at Duffy’s—A Bar Flashback

  1. thebluespade says:

    Cigars would not have been even a slight improvement, I take? Must empathize with you upon that point. Restaurants are for eating food. If someone wants a good smoke there are smoking lounges and tobacco shops.

    • merlinjr01 says:

      I concur. Still, there are those holdouts who consider smoking an inalienable right and that objection to tobacco smoke is just whining–my mom was sort of like that.
      Thank you for the comment.

  2. GP Cox says:

    Let’s have a Christmas to remember!!

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