Not Just Another Christmas

Another Memorable Christmas

After the dense morning fog finally dissipated, Christmas Day became a sunny, beautiful day—just the kind of day for a drive. We checked out local coastal communities including Murrells Inlet and Sunset Beach and then Myrtle Beach State Park.

While none of these destinations were major tourist attractions, like many of our mini-adventures, we usually have new experiences. Over the years, like many people, I have seen all manner of rainbows. But on the beach at the State Park I saw my first “fog-bow.” The dense fog persisted just off shore, and the pier disappeared into the fog bank. Enveloped in the fog, with the bright sun above and behind me, a bright color-free arc—a fog-bow—appeared in front of me. I used a monochrome technique enhanced with contrast and tweaked with brightness controls to bring out the otherwise faint, but distinct “fog-bow.”

Fog-Bow Myrtle Beach State Park - Christmas Day 2015

Fog-Bow Myrtle Beach State Park – Christmas Day 2015

The beach and pier were crowded with revelers enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures.

Following these mid-day adventures, it was time to find a place for Christmas dinner. The first challenge was to find a place that was not closed for the holiday. We were also looking for a seafood restaurant. We found Bennett’s Calabash Seafood Buffet. Being one of the few places open, Bennett’s was busy, but this is a large place and we were soon seated.

As best I can determine, “Calabash” is seafood that is lightly breaded, fried and served in generous quantities in a manner that first occurred in Calabash, North Carolina. The town’s southern border is also on the state line between North and South Carolina. “Calabash” now applies to many buffet-style restaurants that serve large quantities of diverse types of seafood, and Bennett’s is a prime example.

Bennett's Calabash Seafood Buffet

Bennett’s Calabash Seafood Buffet

It would be hard to describe the buffet in any reasonable space here. Just imagine any manner of crab, shellfish, or edible fish and there was an example of it offered. For those who prefer something other than (or in addition to) seafood, there was a selection of chicken, pork, and beef including hand-carved prime rib, plus salad and dessert bars.

There have been memorable Christmases over the years, and this will not only be among them, it will qualify as being truly unique for us.

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