Happy New Year – “Live Long and Prosper”

Photo of the Week

Vision of “Generations”

Vision of "Generations"

Vision of “Generations”

This sunrise photo was taken from the barrier island looking across the bay toward Port St. Joseph, Florida on the Gulf Coast.

I thought a nice sunrise would be appropriate as a greeting looking into the New Year. A sunrise or New Year’s Day–both are promises of a clean slate; an opportunity to do something, accomplish something, or just enjoy life for the next day, the next year.

But can anyone identify why I call this “Generations”? Did you see the Star Trek movie “Generation”? Released in 1994, and by some Star Trek-only imagined way to cross the barriers of time, Captains Kirk and Picard join forces to once again save the universe as we know it. In the climactic scene the destructive disturbance appears in the sky, much like the streak in the clouds in this photo. I assume these streaks are a chance pairing of condensation trails, but in the cocoon of silence of the fiery sunrise, the imagination is prone to wander.

Incidentally, this photo is also the “wallpaper” for my computer screen.

Happy New Year, everyone. “Live long and prosper.”

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