The Trend in Silos

In response to “Cee’s B&W Challenge: Anything that Starts with the Letter S,” here are two Silos that look more like extra tall planters. Traditional silos are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur, but the original silos apparently were well built–except for the tops. There are many old silos around that have dense vines and even trees growing up and out of them.

Tennessee Barn and Silos

Tennessee Barn and Silos

Silo with Tree

Silo with Tree

There was some question as to whether the tree growing out of the silo might have been “PhotoShopped.” My PhotoShop skills are not that good! Here is the same barn and silo, but later in the season.


Tree in Tennessee Silo.

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7 Responses to The Trend in Silos

  1. merlinjr01 says:

    Thank you. Appreciate the comment.

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Those silos have seen better days. Great photos for this week. 😀

    • merlinjr01 says:

      I could do a broad photo essay on many similar looking silos and not drive more than a few miles from the house. Common site around here. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Oh cometh the photoshop! How about three giant daisies sprouting from the top?

  4. merlinjr01 says:

    I am flattered that you think I might have that level of Photoshop skills. I have updated the post with another view of the same silo.
    But I do appreciate the comment.

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