Philadelphia 30th Street Station

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Waiting Area, 30th Street Station, Philadelphia

Waiting Area, 30th Street Station, Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 30th Street Station, completed in 1933, is a mixture of classical and modern architectural styles. The interior passenger waiting areas have the feel of 1950s era stations, although the lobby has undergone many upgrades to add shopping and food service vendors, and other amenities

The station is a key stop along Amtrak’s northeast rail corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C. It also links to the local city transit system and to regional rails service to western Pennsylvania and  direct service to Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Service also includes Amtrak’s high-speed Acela service between Boston and Washington.

There was a move to rename the station to the “Ben Franklin Station” as part of the celebration of his 300th birthday, but the combination of the cost of new signage (estimated at $3 million) and concern that a “Ben” station might be confused with three existing “Penn” stations.

In 2014, the station was officially renamed the “William H. Gray III 30th Street Station” in honor of the prominent Philadelphia Baptist Minister and congressman.







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