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Warning: This is a political essay. There are no pretty pictures!

Thoughtful comments, pro and con, are welcome. Please, make sure you read the entire essay before commenting.

“I want specifics; not platitudes, not tantrums, not whining about other candidates.”

I forget which football game it was, but I think it was a playoff game, and in the last minutes of the game, an official made what was clearly an error—actually there were several of them in the final games of this season. There is a lesson here for Donald Trump—and any other candidate or would-be candidate.

There was an error. Yes, the coaches complained, stomped their feet, and yelled at the officials. The officials were not overturned. There was still a game to play. The only thing left was to move on to the next play.

The lesson there for Donald Trump is that we—well at least I—want to see what is his next play. Complaining about Cruze’s foul, however bad as it was, just like in the football game, will not get the Iowa caucuses replayed. My advice, move on to “the next play.”

And while I am handing out advice that I am sure will never pass in front of the Donald’s eyes, let me add, that I am in favor in “Making America Great Again.” But, we are at the point where I need to know how that will be accomplished. Donald, we know how you feel about the other candidates, and the people who support them, but I don’t see any platform there—not even any planks. Building a wall to keep out illegal aliens, I guess, is a plan, but the United States faces many more challenges, starting with the budget.

To many people who live and work here do not really care about the United States, except what the Government can do for them—not how they can be productive members of society. Also, too many people do not understand that we, the people—all of us—ARE the country AND the government.

Donald (and every other candidate), I want to see some “meat” on the campaign table. My question is, “How are you going to make American great again?” I want specifics, not platitudes, not tantrums, not whining about other candidates.

I actually have a good idea what Clinton and Sanders have in mind for the country. I fear, however, the country cannot afford their plans—financially or socially. Please give us some real suggestions, proposals, commitments that lay out a better path to a true and safe republic.

Donald, are you serious about a “better America” or just an empty-suit closet-politician? I am a voter and I am not only allowed to ask that question, I should be expected to ask that question. And, we all deserve the to hear the answer. I vote in the Super Tuesday primaries. No answer, no vote?

[Earlier in this political silly season, I posted a political essay titled “Trumped!”]

I am not sure whether I want Donald Trump to win the nomination or not. Unfortunately, at the moment I am ambivalent about most of the other front runners for the Republican spot on the ticket. Even more frightening is the “progressive” message from the “other side” that suggests they want those who have succeeded in life, at least financially, to support those who have not succeeded, but that is a topic for a different day.

I ask, Gentle Reader, what say you?


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9 Responses to Move On Donald

  1. Larissa says:

    I cannot express how much I agree with this. I am over hearing how he feels about his opponents, I want to hear what he has planned for our economy, what his plans are as a president. You’ve expressed my own thoughts precisely!

  2. Axel says:

    I agree with this, but I can also be counted to be among those that have no interest in Trump to be our Commander in Chief. Unfortunately, my candidate (Carson), who has laid out many of the tenets of his platform, remains at the low end of favor-ability rating. However I shall stick with him through the primaries because that is just the way I am!

    • merlinjr01 says:

      Thanks for the comment. There were several other candidates that were sort of overshadowed by the Trump bravado that I would have liked to have seen higher in the initial rankings. Who knows what might happen later in the season.

  3. Larry says:

    Agreed… I think Trump is no chump… He is like most people he is sick of
    This crap we have had to listen to from the past. Smooth talkers …all the while lying to us all. Hes course as all get out. I think he has seen the needs of America and Americans. Trump calls it as he sees it. A spade is a spade. We’re tired of PC and sugar coated politics. I think he will smooth out his roughness and rudeness when he gets in, and he will make America Great Again!! Bottom line I will vote republican !!!

    • merlinjr01 says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment. Personally, I don’t care about the roughness, I just want to see some real ideas, real strategies, real plans.

      • Larry says:

        Well all I hear are those whining about his words and harshness to other candidates running.. He’s just passing on to us their weaknesses. I think he has already made his main plans public… That’s why he’s ahead… He can’t say about all he will do until he gets in and sees all the garbage he will have to dispose of first. Obama has screwed up some much.

  4. A word from across the pond – therefore from someone without any political axe to grind. We share a problem, though – too many faceless politicians trotting out the same old ‘jam tomorrow’ platitudes no matter how obviously we disbelieve them, In fact, I doubt if they care whether we believe them or not. the system rules. Over here we have a similar figure to Trump in Boris Johnston, widely acknowledged as a bit of a buffoon, he is likewise no chump.
    Love him or hate him (and I’m not sure where I stand on that) USA needs a strong President capable of facing down Putin and the fundamentalists. It does seem a sizeable number of Americans feel the same. Trump is at least a personality, He has all the appearance of being decisive and strong. If the Cuban missile crisis were to be replicated in the context of North Korea, I personally would rather have a Kennedy replica than a second Clinton in the White House.

  5. merlinjr01 says:

    Very astute observations. Wish the natives here paid as much attention.

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