Maine Seascape

Photo of the Week

While this may not be a gallery print, it tells a story of sorts. First, loved scouring the rocky coast of New England. There was always something to capture on film. This lobster pot and the lighthouse are iconic New England images.

My beautiful picture

A Maine lobster Pot washed ashore near Kittery, Maine. I confess I staged the pot on the rocks to put the Isle of Shoals Light in the background. (Photo on Ektachrome film in the late 1970s)

Sometimes, rummaging through the archives of older photos, I come across something I particularly like. The real story is that the original photo was taken on Ektachrome film, and stored with other photos in slide pockets for many years before it was scanned as a digital photo. The scan included flecks of dust and perhaps spots of mold from being stored in all manner of storage lockers and sheds over the years.

A little clean-up and it makes at least an interesting scene on the computer screen.

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