The Amphicar Model 770

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DSC_0019 (900x581)

An Amphicar

The Amphicar is a four-seat amphibious automobile, manufactured in Germany from 1961 through 1967. More than 3,800 were delivered.

Initially, the Amphicar was fitted with a 43 horsepower rear-mounted engine, it could do about 8 mph in the water and up to 70 mph on the road. Later versions were upgraded to a 75 hp engine. In the water the four-speed transmission was left in neutral, and a separate lever engaged the propellers in forward or reverse. First gear could be engaged in the water to allow the vehicle to drive itself up out of the water.

The Amphicar shown in the photo is available for short cruises at Disney Springs (formerly Walt Disney World Village and other names). Since the car is operated as a for-hire ride, the driver/captain must be both a licensed driver and a Coast Guard certified captain. There were several Amphicars available.


An Amphicar cruising. (Source: Wikipedia)

A well-maintained Amphicar was reported to be water-tight, permitting it to be moored in the water for several days. Maintenance was required. After every “cruise,” there were 13 points on the car that had to be lubricated. One of the lubrication points required removing the rear seat for access.

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  1. GP Cox says:

    I remember these machines! They didn’t really make a splash in my neck of the woods. (sorry about that awful pun!)

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