The Forks Inn: “…confluence of Highland hospitality and comfort.”

Rooms at the InnDSC_0157 (2) (900x894)

We recently traveled to West Virginia for a family reunion, and I took the initiative to arrange lodging since we decided not to take the camper. Wanting to avoid the numbered motels, I was looking for something unique to the area. A quick online search led me to the Forks Inn.

Although the Shavers Fork Riverside Cabins sounded ideal, it was clear they were designed (and priced) for larger groups. The phrase that caught my attention was “…5 beautiful guest rooms with million dollar views.”

DSC_0161 (2) (900x519)

The Forks Inn (upper level) and Restaurant (lower level)

A quick phone call and the room was arranged.

When we arrived, there was no one on the property, but they had arranged for us to have a key and access to the room. The room was very nice, especially after the relatively poor experience we had the night before at the Grayson Inn in Grayson, Kentucky.

Really, this is a good, above average comfortably furnished hotel/motel room, on the second floor above the The Forks Restaurant below.  Because the building is built into a hillside, there is parking just outside the room door.

DSC_0142 (900x628) (2)

The “Million Dollar View”–It was very nice.

As for the “million-dollar view,” well it was quite nice. And the deck outside the back of the room made it easy to enjoy—a perfect place for that early morning cup of coffee. The deck faces due east and the sun rose over a mountain top each morning, every morning was different, but always worth getting up for.

All of the rooms had recently been renovated with new beds and down-alternative bedding, new flooring, new fixtures, all decorated in what call casual, mountain decor. It was comfortable. And the daily maid service included breakfast pastries and plenty of coffee. (That bed was really comfortable.)

DSC_0133 (900x591)

The Room was Quite Comfortable

The Forks Restaurant, downstairs, is a wholly unique experience, from the atmosphere to the service and exquisitely prepared meals. When asked where we were staying by family members at the reunion, each one responded by saying “They have the best restaurant in the area.”

We have two perspectives on the cost of food when traveling. First, most of our traveling is in our camper with good homemade meals at a modest cost. Our second perspective is from the twelve years in New Jersey, where any really nice meal for two people was almost certainly in excess of $100. The Forks fits comfortably between these two extremes. An excellent steak can be had for $20. Of course, if you add drinks, appetizers, etc., the tab is likely to be around $75.00 for two. Reasonable, especially for the quality of the food and service.

DSC_0165 (900x602)

The Forks Inn Outside Dining Area

If you find yourself headed to the Elkins area of West Virginia, I highly recommend considering staying at, and most certainly dining at, the Forks Inn and Restaurant.

For more information on The Forks Inn go to:



Forks Inn Gallery

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1 Response to The Forks Inn: “…confluence of Highland hospitality and comfort.”

  1. I loved this place, truly a beautiful venue and one of the best weekends we have spent together in all our travels.

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