Bryce Canyon – Day 2

Day 10- Travel as I Have Envisioned It Could Be.

I Entered the park shortly after it opened at 8:00 am, and proceeded directly to Sunrise Point–the area that had been closed yesterday.

DSC_0212 (900x607)

Directions on the Rim Trail

Photographically, I concentrated on including more people in my photos on this day–well, at least a few photos. While taking photos along the Rim Trail, I heard a young man in his early teens say to his parents, “If you want to know what to take photos of, watch him,” he said indicating me. “He has the good camera.” He was referring to my Nikon, which is a good camera, that produces good results, but far from the really high-end professional models.

DSC_0221 (900x590)

A Rare Moment of Group Quiet Contemplation

We struck up a conversation, and in the process, I asked the three guys–the father and two sons–to sit on a bench, facing the canyon, with their backs to me so that I could get a photo.

I started to hike one of the shorter trails to the floor of the canyon, but about half way down, the trail was closed for maintenance because a winter storm had damaged part of the trail. Still, I was able to get photos from well below the rim in the canyon.

As with yesterday’s post, I am going to let the photos do the talking.

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Gallery (Click on an image for full size and caption)


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