One Word Sunday Challenge: Horizon

One Word Sunday Challenge: Horizon

Looks like I am late to the party, but in response to Debbie (at Travel With Intent) has issued the “One Word Sunday Challenge”–Horizon.  I could not pass up this opportunity to share my favorite Horizon photo.

Angry Cat Sunrise

It appeared to me as if the sun, in the form of a short-eared cat, was awaken by noisy gulls, hence “Angry Cat.” Taken on the Atlantic coast at Cape May, New, Jersey. The “ears” on the cat are caused by a layer of cooler air sandwiched in between warmer layers–technically, this is a mirage. The gulls were just a happy accident.

One other horizon-related photo I like is this trawler sailing out of Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey at sunrise.

Outbound at Sunrise

Photos copyrighted, Jeff Richmond 2012

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1 Response to One Word Sunday Challenge: Horizon

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    I’m very glad you didn’t miss it – this is gorgeous!

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