Renaissance Musings Photo Gallery

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographers.”
– Walter De Mulder

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Richmond Photography provides a range of photography services, including wedding and portrait photography, product and food photography, animal portraits, aerial photography, and journalistic and event photography.


Hyacinth Bean Flower

A flower-garden experiment provides abundant success. See Jefferson or Hyacinth Bean – Plant and Stand Back! in blog site.

Wedding Photography

We mix traditional wedding photography with journalistic photography to capture both the visual images and tell the story that represents the beginning of a journey for the couple.

Each couple and each wedding is unique. A formula-based cookie-cutter approach may capture the traditional images, but when someone looks at your album, you want them to say, “Wow, I like that photo. That is so cool,” or words to that effect.

The details help tell the full story. We look for and capture those events that connect the ceremony to the lives of the couple.

No technique is ignored in capturing the this special day. Typically, we offer fifty or more images for the couple to review after the wedding–maybe more. You will have an album that will provide a lifetime of memories.

For more information, request our “Wedding and Event Photography Price List.” It can be transmitted via email.


Portraits have many uses. Typical family portraits create an ongoing history of the growth of a family, featuring both group photos and individual shots.

Professionals often require formal portraits for annual reports and company websites. Theatrical portraits are important for aspiring performers.

Registered purebred or mutt, pets are an important part of a family, Animal portraits take special attention to capture the character and form of the animal.

Cold Granite Stone Official Portrait

Cold Granite Stone Official Portrait

Dramatic theatrical or the family holiday photo, our photographers will apply their skill and understanding of not only photography, but of people (and animals) to capture just the right photograph.

For more information, request our “Portrait Photography Price List.” It can be transmitted via email.

Photo Restoration
You have just pulled that box out of the basement and discovered old photos that had been long forgotten. These are family ancestors, events, animals, or homes that were nearly forgotten, but now the photos are faded, water spotted, folded and cracked, even torn in two. Using digital technology, we can restore these photos to a quality that you would be proud to display.

For more information, request our “Restoration Photography Price List.” It can be transmitted via email.

Product Photography
Product photography takes on many forms and has many uses, from promoting the launch of a new product to documenting the used of a tool or piece of equipment. From nuts and bolts to automobiles and airplanes, we have the experience and skill to give your customers the best images of your product. When appropriate, we can combine our portrait skills with your product to connect your product to your targeted audience.

For more information, contact us with your product photography requirements.

Aerial Photography

Whether you are building a new home, a new factory, or scoping out property to purchase, sell, or develop, aerial photographs gives your viewers an excellent perspective of the structure or property.

Buildings and home age and change in life just like their owners. For home builders and home owners, we recommend an aerial photo of the property when it is first built or purchased, then approximately every five years thereafter to document changes due to additions, landscaping, the maturity of existing trees, or changes in the neighborhood.

We also provide air-to-air photos of your aircraft. Homebuilts, antique and classic aircraft, or your personal airplane–as a pilot for more than 40 years, and a photographer for even longer, I understand lighting, backgrounds, and angles that show off the lines of the airplane and even the smile of the pilot while flying.

For more information, request our “Aerial Photography Price List.” It can be transmitted via email.

Journalist Photography

Do you have an event that needs press or media coverage, or that you want an attractive record of? We can not only capture the event photographically, we can also write and submit the accompanying article or press release to meet your requirements.

For more information, contact us with your event photography requirements.

Just Plane Nice Images

You might think that with all the photography we do, we might want to just put up our feet when we get time off. But, here the phrase “busman’s holiday” applies. On a day off, we may just cruise around looking for photographic opportunities. We look for a unique image of familiar subjects, or to just capture the visual beauty or interest of a scene, person, event, etc. Some of our favorite images follow.

If you see an image you would like to have a copy of, contact us for pricing and delivery information.

Oyster Fleet, Winter, Bivalve, New Jersey

Oyster Fleet, Winter, Bivalve, New Jersey


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  1. Are your services available for my site? I currently own and operate I would be interested in someone who could source stock footage for me and take photos when a stock photo is not available for a post. Images would not be the main focus of the site. It’s an article, trivia-heavy, science and math – friendly outlet. Please contact me through that website if you are interested in working together.

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