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Cave Salamander

Natural History Topic of the Month This was a busy weekend here in Tennessee—for us. My wife hosted what she calls a Rookie Roundup for newer members of Sisters on the Fly. They had activities like practicing backing their trailers, … Continue reading

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The Blue Hole at the Headwaters of the Elk River, Tennessee

Blue Holes “Blue holes” are essentially vertical, underwater caves. Some blue holes occur at sea. There are several spectacular examples, such as the Great Blue Hole, near Belize (Google “Blue Holes” and this is one of the first examples). They … Continue reading


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Where is a “Cedar” not a “Cedar” — In Cedars of Lebanon State Park

What’s in a Name? When is a “cedar” not a “cedar”? When we checked in at the campground office at Cedars of Lebanon campground, I asked our host, “What is the one thing we should make sure we see while … Continue reading

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