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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 10, 2017

In response to Cee’s “Which Way” challenge: It looks like there may be different opinions here to the question, “Which way?”

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Clematis – Hidden Gems of the Tractor Tire Garden

Cee posted here Clematis photo and invited us to share our own (Cee’s Flower of the Day). The Clematis is one of my favorite flowers. These blossoms are from my Tractor Tire Garden.

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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Two

Two Photos, Two Sides, the Threat of Two Nations There was a time—150 years ago–when the United States nearly became (or was briefly, according to some) two nations. Reenactments like these recreate the two sides, and this is probably the … Continue reading

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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Animals

This is a Natural Not exactly cute and cuddly, but definitely black and white. This is a Black Rat Snake of the eastern United States. It is black with white on the belly and under the head. The black and … Continue reading

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