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Tennessee Sunrise – Morning Fire

Photo of the Week Driving along a local country road early one morning, this striking sunrise came into view.

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Tuesday Topics – The Bald Cypress Tree

Tuesday Topics – Nature  The Bald Cypress is a unique tree: it can thrive in standing water, it has “knees” that act as snorkels for its roots, and it is a conifer (usually evergreens) but it loses it needles every … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story: The Perfect Christmas Tree…Sort of…

It was the second week in December. I was fourteen or fifteen years old and I was taller and, some even said, a bit more mature than most my age. My father would suggest there were lapses in the maturity … Continue reading

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The “Old Hickory Tree”

Today, We Lost an Old Friend At least that is the way it feels. The home we live in is on property that has been in my wife’s family for more than 150 years. Early in the 2000s, we purchased … Continue reading

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A True Cat Tale

About three years ago, we adopted a cute little calico kitten—we’ll call her “Cat.”. We live a quiet rural area and we routinely let Cat outside. Unfortunately, for the first year, about once a month, while outside she would climb … Continue reading

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