Luna Moth and the Cat

My work space is in the loft, next to a window–convenient for gazing and daydreaming.

Earlier this week, when I sat down to go to work, I realized that there was a luna moth clinging to the screen outside the window. Not often is there an opportunity to get a photo of the underside of anything, much less a moth, hence the photo below.

Luna Moth

Luna Moth clinging to the screen outside my office window.

The luna moth is a member of the family Saturniidae. Moths of this family do not eat nor do they have mouth parts. The live for approximately a week–just time enough to find a mate. Judging from the relatively large feathery antennae, this is probably a male. The female antennae tend to be visibly smaller.

The window is also a favorite hangout for our cat, Mitzi. It is also the most direct route to my desk for her. On her way, she discovered the moth and became totally focused on learning more.


Mitzi the Cat also likes the window–but this day she was particularly curious about the moth.

Her curiosity drew her ever closer, and she got as close as the window and screen would allow. The moth remained still throughout the encounter, and Mitzi finally lost interest. Later, I opened the window, and discovered that one of the moth’s legs was caught on the screen. I released it and it flew off in search of a mate.


It is time to get a closer look!

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