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“Cleared to Land”

Photograph-of-the-Week: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird The hummingbird is common here in Middle Tennessee, and a constant source of entertainment on the front porch. They are both very possessive and protective of their feeding spot, and very resourceful. Apparently there is a pecking … Continue reading

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Dunlap, the Town that Coke Built

Not the beverage but the coal product produced in coke ovens. Dunlap is a small town in the geographic center of the Sequatchie Valley at the foot of the Cumberland Plateau, about thirty miles northwest of Chattanooga. This town, of … Continue reading

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Morning Walkabout 3 – Flag Pole Garden

See Morning Walkabout 1 for the introduction to this series. (Click on each image for larger view.) The Flag Pole Garden is the newest and smallest of the garden areas, established this spring (2015). The flag pole sits in the … Continue reading

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Moon Over Stone Mountain

Photograph of the Week – Stone Mountain Reflections at Moon Rise Stone Mountain is the tip of a much larger stone mass that stretches underground for many miles to the east.

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Warning: This is a political essay. There are no pretty pictures! Thoughtful comments, pro and con, are welcome. Please, make sure you read the entire essay before commenting. I follow the political scene pretty closely. I consider myself a thoughtful, … Continue reading

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There I Was – Merlin First Flight

Aircraft of the Month – The Merlin GT This is an experience I knew I was going to have to describe. By now you are aware of my continuing interest in aviation, airplanes and flying. In a manner of speaking, … Continue reading

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Morning Walkabout 2 – Tractor Tire Garden

See Morning Walkabout 1 for the introduction to this series. A Flower Garden with Food Potential! Typically, the second stop on my walkabout is the Tractor Tire Garden. The anchor for this feature is an old tractor tire bolted to … Continue reading

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Morning Visit

Photo of the Week In the early morning light, shallow depth of field, and a little sharpening of the edges make this flower look like it is floating, giving its passenger a ride.

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Lighthouse In Tragedy and Song

Lighthouse of the Month – Ship John Shoal The Ship John Shoal Light marks the north side of the ship channel in the Delaware Bay. . The shoals and the light take their name from the ship named John that … Continue reading

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Morning Walkabout 1 – The Dinner Bell Garden

Introduction Most mornings, shortly after sunrise, I get a cup of coffee and the plant clippers, and take a walk around the yard to check on the progress of several different flower beds, a small garden, and other features around … Continue reading

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