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Black and White Sunday: Maternal

Taken just this week, this seems appropriate for Paula’s Mother’s Day theme. To learn more about the Opossum, or “possum,” go to “Mama ‘Possum at Last!”

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A Mama ‘Possum at Last

From my earliest memories as a child, I had a several nice big books with pictures and stories about common animals. The images were drawn, pen and ink in subdued colors. There were deer, raccoon, a wolverine and a drawing … Continue reading

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Luna Moth and the Cat

My work space is in the loft, next to a window–convenient for gazing and daydreaming. Earlier this week, when I sat down to go to work, I realized that there was a luna moth clinging to the screen outside the … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep!

Photo of the Week

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Jefferson or Hyacinth Bean…

Plant and Stand Back! Don’t have a green thumb? I think I have found the answer. Early this summer, on a trip to Thomas Jefferson’s summer home, Poplar Forest, I picked up a package of seeds from the gift shop. … Continue reading

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A Tomato Hornworm Stirs the Curious Naturalist

Natural History – The Tomato Hornworm I have often described myself as “a curious naturalist,” (especially after I read “The Curious Naturalist” by Sy Montgomery).  Perhaps, the garden helps feed my “curious naturalist” gene.  For example, this morning while encouraging … Continue reading

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Black Widow Spider

 Tuesday Topics – Natural History Turning over rocks, boards, or anything lying on the ground anywhere in the temperate areas of the United States can be hazardous. Black Widow spiders prefer cool, protected areas under almost anything on or near … Continue reading

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