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Black and White Sunday: Maternal

Taken just this week, this seems appropriate for Paula’s Mother’s Day theme. To learn more about the Opossum, or “possum,” go to “Mama ‘Possum at Last!”

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A Mama ‘Possum at Last

From my earliest memories as a child, I had a several nice big books with pictures and stories about common animals. The images were drawn, pen and ink in subdued colors. There were deer, raccoon, a wolverine and a drawing … Continue reading

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Angina – From Diagnosis to Treatment Part 3 – Treatment

Part 3 – EECP: “Snake Oil” or Treatment Photography – Peggy Richmond My next—and most recent—visit with Dr. B was following the catherization. I was still unsure about the likely course of treatment. After he mentioned EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation), … Continue reading

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Angina – From Diagnosis to Treatment Part 2 – Testing

Part 2 – Testing to Confirm Angina and Select Appropriate Treatment Test 1 – The Stress Test – Not Much of an Adventure A week later, I was on a treadmill at the doctor’s offices for my stress test. I … Continue reading

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Angina – From Diagnosis to Treatment Part 1 – Diagnosis

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series Introduction Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Angina pectoris, pain in the chest caused by restricted blood flow to the heart during periods of exertion. The following is a three-part essay of my … Continue reading

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Luna Moth and the Cat

My work space is in the loft, next to a window–convenient for gazing and daydreaming. Earlier this week, when I sat down to go to work, I realized that there was a luna moth clinging to the screen outside the … Continue reading

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 24, 2017

My responses to Cee’s “Which Way” Challenge for the week. NOLA’s streetcar system is absolutely the best way to get around for a tourist.

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