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There I was…My Head Mashed against the Canopy

In each of the “There I Was…” essays, it is usually necessary to spend a few words providing some technical background to explain what happened and why. This flight also involves the T-37 described in “There I was…My First Jet … Continue reading

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Where is a “Cedar” not a “Cedar” — In Cedars of Lebanon State Park

What’s in a Name? When is a “cedar” not a “cedar”? When we checked in at the campground office at Cedars of Lebanon campground, I asked our host, “What is the one thing we should make sure we see while … Continue reading

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There I was… My First Jet Flight

In November of 1969 I went off to U.S. Air Force Officer Training School or OTS, a twelve-week school to learn to march, wear a uniform, and how and whom to salute (there were military academics, too). In February 1970, … Continue reading

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There I Was…

There is one aspect of my experience that has been mentioned only in passing that was very important to me, but more importantly, generated some pretty good stories. I am adding a new category called “There I was…” that will … Continue reading

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Campers, Politics, and Farm Life Rank High in Renaissance Musings Top Ten Postings

Just did a quick analysis of hits on my blog postings—the initial intent was to see what appeared to be the most read topic to guide future blogs. I confess I was somewhat surprised. The following top ten blogs (or … Continue reading

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Early Mornings – A Special Morning Canvas (c. 1954)

Since my earliest childhood, I have enjoyed something about each morning. Perhaps I was influenced by my father. Living on a farm meant—for him, and therefore me, too—having to start at sunrise to complete all of the tasks demanded to … Continue reading

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