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Raised Garden – 2020

I love a garden, but I am a lazy gardener. Too often, I have laid out and planted an area that was too large to keep up and had no time to do anything else. With this in mind, I … Continue reading

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Why I am the Digital Age’s Equivalent of Indiana Jones

Oh, there are differences, of course—he trained in history, ancient cultures, and archeology; I trained in biology, aeronautics, writing, and digital communications (okay, a word processor), but we are both writers in our respective fields. “It was his father who … Continue reading

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Angina – An EECP Update

In the summer of 2017, I was diagnosed with angina (angina pectoris), pain in the chest caused by restricted blood flow to the heart during periods of exertion. The original series of three  posts covered the diagnostic procedures, an explanation … Continue reading

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